Protect Your Privacy and Stay Anonymous
Text Anyone with a Free Real Number without exposing your identity.
anonymous texting app for ios and android
  • Safe Anonymous Texting

    Protect your privacy. Send SMS messages without exposing your personal phone number and identity.

  • Send and Receive

    When someone texts you back, you will get a notification and see the message right in the app. Just like with regular texting. SIM card is not required. Receiving messages is always free!

  • Cross Platform

    Supports iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

  • Works on wifi

    No SIM or data plan required! The app will use your phone's wifi if available. You can even text from your iPod touch or any device without a data plan. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Real Numbers

    When you text someone they will receive a text message from a real new free phone number and can text you back.

  • Send MMS Images

    Send and receive picture messages without compromising your personal information.

  • No Signup

    Once you download the app you can start texting right away! Don’t expose your identity and stay safe.

  • Separate From Phone Bill

    Messages won’t appear on your phone bill - any message sent through the app, is not sent through your carrier and therefore will never appear on your phone bill.

  • Passcode Lock

    Your texts are for your eyes only. Protect your privacy with a passcode lock and Touch ID lock on iOS.

  • International Support

    Get a free local international number in the U.S, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Mexico, Spain and more countries coming soon.

  • No Contracts

    Pay-As-You-Go flexibility & control.

  • Stay Safe

    Ideal for: texting strangers, craigslist, business and more

Over 5,000 5 Star Reviews!

What an amazing service. Anonymously have fun with your friends and family. Securely protect your identity while conducting short term business transactions such as eBay, craigslist, OfferUp and more. Although we may feel secure in our offerings; that should not conclude we are comfortable with strangers or prospective buyers having access to learn about our families or dwellings.

I'm using this app for a secret Santa gift exchange and it's worked great for that purpose!

This app is genius! My identity is truly hidden and the person I'm texting can respond over and over to the same number because each is used for a particular person and thread. It's like each person you text gets their own private number from you.

This app really works and the credits a so cheap If you want to have fun this is the app for you

This app does what it says it does! It's simple to use it. Just put in the number you want to test and then write your text and send. I was skeptical at first until I sent myself a test and it went straight to me with a discreet nunmber.